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Sophia Kang has been in the interior design field for more than twenty years. In that time, she has completed many interesting projects in both residential and commercial settings. In all of her work, be it traditional or modern, she always approaches her designs with a fresh perspective on proportions and a unique blend of colors, which can vary from eclectic to bold. Her distinct approach truly provides a “signature” look to her work.

Over the last few years she has focused her attention on residential projects, creating elegant traditional style interiors with mix of modern colors. In additional to her ever-expanding interior design work, over the past decade, she has taken on many dual projects where she has overseen both exterior architectural design and interior space planning.

Sophia’s attention to finishing touches are always very detailed and truly reflect the needs of the individual client, making each of her projects unique.

She graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's degree In Fine Art, majoring in Interior Design. Her accomplishments can be found throughout the Greater Metropolitan area.

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